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We all have those relationships that challenge us!

This week choose a picture of the person that you know you need to heal your energy with. This is a person you love and care for deeply but unfortunately have been unable to connect with them in authentic way.

Using the picture you have chosen make this person your screen saver for a week.


Each time you open your device(s) give thanks for them and send them healing energy. This will only take a few moments of your day each time you use your phone.

During this exercise notice what feelings come up for you and where they may be stemming from. Move into your heart space and be removed from any ill emotions that could be preventing you from from the fullest expression of yourself. This is more about you than it is about them, the person that is challenging you is simply a messenger activating parts of you that need your attention.

This person is known as a lesson mate, they have shown up to help you master a part of yourself that you have been avoiding. Once you master this lesson you will become more in tune with the kind of people you desire to have relationships with. In the future when similar challenges reappear, you will have cultivated the necessary skills that will help you navigate difficult people and situations with ease.

This is self- care for the emotional body.

Analog Earth Healing Hubb

Alicia Jackson, Owner

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