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Sacred Space Design and Consulting

At Analog Earth Home, our mission is to cultivate a deeper connection between individuals, communities, and the natural world through holistic sacred space design and consulting. We believe that the spaces we inhabit have the power to shape our well-being and spiritual journey. With a focus on sustainability, mindfulness, and the integration of ancient wisdom with modern design principles, our team of experienced , sacred designers, and spiritual consultants collaborates closely with clients to create harmonious environments that reflect their unique essence. We strive to bring balance, tranquility, and a sense of sacredness into every project, enabling individuals and communities to find solace, inspiration, and transformation within their spaces. Whether it's designing a sanctuary, meditation room, or sacred plant design, Analog Earth Home is dedicated to crafting spaces that nourish the soul, nurture connection, and facilitate personal and collective growth.


Intuitive Therapy 

With over a decade immersed in the healing arts, Alicia Jackson has carved a distinct path as an Intuitive Therapist. Her journey is marked by a profound commitment to guiding individuals towards realizing their fullest potential and desired life. Time and again, clients have walked away with a rejuvenated spirit, equipped with actionable tools and insights that catalyze true transformation.

Alicia's approach is not for the faint of heart. It delves deep, often venturing into the realms of ancestral and personal karma, addressing the roots that oftentimes tether us to repetitive patterns and unyielding habits. Yet, it is within these depths that Alicia's unique gift shines the brightest. Using her intuitive prowess, she gently navigates the complexities of buried memories, facilitating the release of old patterns, and consequently paving the way for a brighter, freer future.

The healing journey, as Alicia always emphasizes, requires both dedication and consistency. But with her guidance and the innate strength of every individual she meets, the destination invariably becomes clearer, and the path, more attainable.

Join Alicia on this transformative journey, and embrace the life you've always envisioned.


End of Life Doula Services

Welcome to Analog Earth Healing Hubb's End of Life Doula Services. We understand that the journey towards the end of life is a sacred and deeply personal experience, and our compassionate team of doulas is here to provide holistic support and guidance every step of the way. With a focus on physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, we offer personalized care, creating a safe and comforting space for individuals and their loved ones. Our doulas are trained in providing gentle companionship, practical assistance, and emotional comfort, ensuring that individuals have the opportunity to express their wishes, find peace, and embrace their unique end-of-life journey. At Analog Earth Healing Hubb, we are committed to honoring life's transitions with grace, love, and reverence.

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