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Anything that poses a potential risk to the natural design of the whole body is going to compromise the sophisticated circuitry of the mind and soul. When the emotional and mental bodies are continually exposed to risks it will show up in the physical body as dis-ease. For example: iodized salt comes from the bottom of crude oil barrels, from the barrels it goes through a process of "cleaning" and returns to your dinner table. Once iodized salt is in the body it cannot process the foreign chemicals in the "salt", and because it is consistently being consumed the the blood pressure increases at a rapid rate in an effort to keep the body alive. This results in weight gain, water retention and in some cases dangerous dizzy spells. While even the most intelligent (mental body) people understand this explanation still, they themselves will still consume iodized salt, mostly because they are not attuned with their physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. The healthy change would simply begin with introducing sea salt or Himalayan salt into the diet while explaining that these salts have many of the minerals that naturally occur in the body for it to survive. Unfortunately in most cases the body must become aesthetically threatened in some people before they grow concerned enough to do something about their wellness.

When we resist, we suffer.

Too often there is a struggle with overeating, drug addiction, alcohol

abuse and overconsumption of the desire to escape from the current station in life. A life that creates an insurmountable amount of emotional insecurities leaves many people feeling imbalanced and weary. Unfortunately some people have been led to believe the measure of their worth is based solely on what their physical and mental bodies can produce for them. They tend to only acknowledge their spiritual and emotional bodies when there is an immediate threat to what they have or what they have been working for.

Changing the mind creates clarity.

The time spent here in the physical realm should be comprised of experiences that will raise the vibration for everyone.

Imagine being fully supported by a love with no conditions, being connected to a higher source that gifts humans with the vitality of nature and making conscious choices to choose health over illness because when healing is activated, people align with their purpose.

The journey can begin here.

Analog Earth Healing Hubb

Alicia Jackson, Owner

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