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To begin a journey into wellness one must first understand that the physical body will only respond to the messaging that the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies communicate. For example: if a person refuses to deal with heavy emotions related to a relationship that had too many lessons for them to learn, those (e)motions must move, if they don't move out of the body they will move within the body. The temperature of this kind of energy is very warm, it heats up with velocity and can convert sadness into anger within minutes. It has the power to damage the reproductive system and shut down the nurturing center of the body resulting in root chakra deficiency such as; a constant fear of instability. When the relationship with the self is denied, the opportunities to physically reproduce diminish beyond biological time. This can result in the the heart disconnecting from the body altogether. More often than not the symptoms of deterioration go undetected until the physical pain becomes more intense than the emotional pain that has been ignored for years.

The physical manifestation of this energy in women tends to show up as; heavy or irregular periods, ovarian cyst or fibroids. In men this energy can show up as; irregularities in the prostate, low sperm count and sudden shifts in libido. The sadness acquired from this kind of emotional suffering in people tends to cause irritability and defensiveness. If these (e)motions go unresolved they will continue to attack the physical body which will eventually trigger unhealthy habits as temporary way to cope and self -soothe.

All of this began with unresolved emotions of a past relationship.

The emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies should be balanced and in harmony to truly attain a peaceful life.

Avoidance is not a resolution.

Analog Earth Healing Hubb

Alicia Jackson, Owner

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