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28 Days of Bliss Workbook

28 Days of Bliss Workbook

The Evolution of Happy: 28 Days of Bliss by Alicia Jackson


✨ Embark on a Transformational Journey from Happiness to Bliss! ✨


It's one thing to find fleeting moments of happiness and another to immerse yourself in the all-encompassing warmth of bliss. I, Alicia Jackson, a seasoned Reiki therapist, intuitive therapist, yoga instructor, holistic practitioner, and death doula, have crafted a workbook especially for souls like you, who yearn for a deeper, sustainable connection to joy.


Why Bliss? Why 28 Days?


The transition from happiness to joy isn't overnight; it's a continuous process of internal evolution. In "The Evolution of Happy: 28 Days of Bliss," I've channeled my vast experience in the healing arts to guide you on a 28-day journey. This span allows you to not just absorb but also integrate these teachings, aligning them with your unique life rhythm.


Inside the Workbook:


-Daily Insights: Dive deep into curated wellness topics that resonate with the soul's quest for joy.

-Reflective Questions: After each topic, take a moment with thought-provoking questions, designed to stir introspection and self-awareness.


This workbook isn't just about reading and reflecting; it's about feeling, understanding, and evolving. It's about nurturing a bond with your inner self, transcending beyond momentary happiness, and embracing the everlasting glow of bliss.


Join me in this transformative experience, and let's reshape our understanding of happiness, moving it beyond the ephemeral, and anchoring it in the profound depths of joy.


Let the next 28 days be a turning point in your life. Evolve, embrace, and elevate to a state of bliss!


🌟 Unlock Your Path to Bliss. Begin your 28-day journey today. 🌟


P.S. Every step taken in self-awareness is a step closer to holistic wellness. Gift yourself and your loved ones this workbook and witness the transformative power of bliss.

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